3R Growth
Increase revenue, reach & retention with Maombi innovative tools
What can you do with Maombi
Maombi have a simple and secure tools that allows website owners, application creators and distributors to get a new channel to increase revenue
At the same time, software developers get an additional powerful legal channel for the distribution of their software
Only a conscious setting of your software - as a result of the conscious use and enhanced loyalty
Maombi Growth Solutions Feature
Our goal is to deliver value to our clients and partners through high quality services
Our dashboard displays direct statistics to analyze and optimize your results in real time
On-Time Payments
We pay publishers on time at the end of each billing period
Fraud Prevention
Real-time fraud protection with Maombi technology
Global Monetization
Our database of advertisers allows you to earn revenue regardless of the country of your users
Instant Integration
Integration with our solutions is instantaneous, you will see the first results immediately after the launch of the campaign
A dedicated account manager is in touch with you 24/7 and is always ready to help you achieve better results
Fraud Prevention
We have developed a 3-tier anti-fraud system. You can be sure and verify during the campaign that your new users are your target audience
Monetize your Downloads
We have different ways to do it
High Partnership Royalties
Payments for the additional software installation and ads model Maombi marketplace revenue sharing
Multichannel Ads and Revenue Models
Installation of additioanal advertising software by a user, pre-roll in games and video, audio ads between tracks in the section of radio and many more
Non-stop Project Development
We use entirely our own components: our installerb build builder, statistics collection system, etc.
Take Care of Your Users
No hidden installations. A possibility for your content placement at Maombi for greater monetization of your project
Get a Stream of New Installations
We have everything for this
Own Installer
We developed our own installer that allows you to track all events and user actions
Many White Distribution Channels
We have several ways to deliver your new product to the target audience
Payment Gateway
No need to think about connecting payment acceptance systems
License Management Server
Complete solution for the delivery and management of user license keys
Maombi Marketplace
Maombi Marketplace is the application center for Windows allowing you to quickly find, install, store and transfer between devices all the necessary software. Only the best and up-to-date software from proven developers.

It is expanding as Windows app with daily audience counting several hundreds of thousands people. We will post your digital content on the Maombi and suggest our users to use your products.
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